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Gojo aims to achieve what no one has achieved in human history. What makes our mission possible is a group of great individuals who are committed to achieving the goal with passion, quality, and ability. We wait for your application.

We will never compromise in finding and recruiting the world’s best talents. Gojo is looking for those who satisfy the criteria given below.

Currently available positions

Chief Investor Relations Officer (CIRO) who makes the world’s investors support Gojo financially

Country Head/Regional Head who makes the best MFIs as a management team member

Application Process

Please read our “Note for those who apply for Gojo” carefully, and if you are ok to apply for the positions, please send your information from below. When you apply for the position, please send your CV to from the page below.

After receiving your application, you will have interviews and some work with the members who would closely work with you. The process may include the following:
(1) Short exam to assess your intellectual ability
(2) Case study or other spreadsheet work to assess your problem solving ability
(3) Submission of proposals to Gojo about what you will do after joining us

We ask these because we believe that the best way to gauge one’s capability is to see one’s output. We will do our best to give you sincere feedback such that you don’t feel you wasted your time even if we cannot find a good position for you.

Upon unanimous approval from all interviewers, you will receive the offer letter. We expect that you give us the answer within 3 weeks after receiving the letter. As we are a small organization and really care about the quality, please understand that the process requires a number of interviews and take up to a month or so for consideration.

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