Join us to change the world.

Gojo aims to achieve what no one has achieved in human history. What makes our mission possible is a group of great individuals who are committed to achieving the goal with passion, quality, and ability. We wait for your application.

We will never compromise in finding and recruiting the world’s best talents. Gojo is looking for those who satisfy the following criteria.

Recruiting Criteria

1. Understand and share the vision, mission, and value of Gojo
2. Have a great personality to be trusted and respected by the others
3. Proactively find and solve issues of Gojo
4. Have high caliber to solve all difficult problems
5. Being a team player and help the other team members
6. TOEFL 105+ (iBT) / GMAT 700+ or have an equivalent English communication skill
7. Have a strength superior to any other colleagues
*Some criteria on technical skills can be compromised if the applicant seems to satisfy the criteria within a certain period.


Lead and streamline Gojo’s operations and work closely with the country heads to improve the organization.

Country Head
Reside in our country of operation and work as one of the management team members of Gojo’s group MFI.

Head of Fundraising
Raise loan and equity funding for both Gojo and its group MFIs from investors all over the world. Maintain investor relations such that they continuously support the growth of the Company.

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