We aspire to create a world in which everyone has an opportunity to overcome one’s own destiny and attain a better life. The first mission is to be the “Private Sector World Bank” providing financial access for everyone in developing countries. We aim to reach out to more than 100 million people in all continents by the end of 2030.

Financial access is a major factor of equality of opportunity. For some people in rich countries, financial service is like oxygen, and they may not realize how important it is. However, if you cannot borrow money to start your business, don’t have bank accounts to save money safely and can’t buy health insurance to go to hospitals without worry, you will think that the world is not fair. That is the reality that more than 2 billion people are facing right now. It is not only unfair but also hinders human progress.

Microfinance, a small-scale financial service, has contributed to expand the financial access in developing countries. However, we think that most of the microfinance institutions (“MFI”s) are not as professionally managed as they should be. Furthermore, the interest rate of microcredit is still high, making a barrier for the further expansion of the services.

We founded Gojo to alter the situation. Our theory of change is as follows.
1. Have Gojo’s own subsidiary MFIs all over the world
2. Make Gojo MFIs the best quality organizations
3. Create innovative financial services by leveraging global coverage

While most MFIs failed to expand their business in multiple countries due to limitations, qualified professionals at Gojo enable the Company to have the greatest microfinance institutions in all continents. After expanding our operational area, we will be able to generate other revenues by leveraging the data we store through our deep and long-term relationship with the microfinance clients all over the world. We can use the data for various purposes: more sophisticated credit rating, marketing support for consumer good companies, developing other financial services, etc.In the long run, Gojo earns money not only by interest but the fees generated from non-microcredit businesses. We believe that is how the future of microfinance should be.

Code of Conduct

1) Maximize profit in a fair and responsible way
Profit is a key to our success, as long as the profit is made in a fair and responsible way. We will never accept any profit by exploiting our clients.

2) Do the right thing
Gojo adheres to doing the right thing, not what is easy or convenient. We do not use tricks for short-term benefit but do things fairly to make long-term profit and build trust with our stakeholders.

3) Keep complete openness and frankness in communication
In the Gojo team, everyone should speak up if it seems important. We spend as much time as possible for the discussion on crucial issues. This principle – openness and frankness – is applied to all topics including what we usually hesitate to talk openly (compensation, review, etc.). Gojo’s company information should be completely open for everyone, i.e., in principle, everyone has access to every communication and information of the company. We will never forgive monopolization of information by a deal team, management and the others.

4) Welcome diversity
Gojo respects differences in culture, race, ethnicity, opinion, values, lifestyle, gender, sexual orientation, belief and so on, as long as it is not objectively imminent and obvious harm to the other members. In the long run, we pursue that (1) the number of members from one country does not exceed 40% and (2) the number of members of one gender does not exceed 60%.

5) Adhere to the best practice and professionalism
Gojo always strives to provide the best practice for it’s subsidiaries. In doing business, we always keep professionalism defined by the following 5 features: (1) being independent in judgment, (2) maintaining clients’ interest ahead of ours, (3) keeping the work ethics, (4) having the highest problem-solving skills and (5) being trusted by the clients due to those characteristics.

6) Do not ask things to the others more than asking to ourselves
Gojo governs ourselves more strictly than we do for our subsidiary organizations, clients and the other stakeholders. For example, when we ask employees of our subsidiaries to work hard, Gojo members should work far harder than them.

7) Be humble and true to oneself
Considering lives of our clients, all Gojo members should lead simple lives. We should know what we do not know, and be open to learn from our clients and co-workers. The members should be true to themselves and admit mistakes if they made any.

8) Build trust with all stakeholders
Our business would not work if we cannot build trust with subsidiary companies, clients and the other stakeholders. We develop the trust one by one through full sincerity and professionalism.

9) Enjoy working
We enjoy work even in the difficult situations. The members will never forget sense of humor.

10) Work hard but not at the expense of our family members or personal lives
We work very hard but should balance the work with family and personal lives. We don’t praise working long but working intensively, efficiently and productively.