Financial Access for All

Everyone deserves to hope for a better future and fight to
overcome the destiny imposed by one’s background.

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Gojo acquires 25% stake of Satya MicroCapital


July 31, 2018 Gojo & Company, Inc. (“Gojo”) is happy to inform you that we have concluded our first investment in Satya MicroCapital Ltd. (“Satya”), a young and dynamic microfinance institution, based in New Delhi, India. Gojo obtained approximately 25% stake of Satya through the investment. “Satya” in Sanskrit means “truth”. “Truthfulness” is an ethical […]


We aspire to create a world in which everyone has an opportunity to overcome one’s own destiny and attain a better life. The first mission is to be the “Private Sector World Bank” providing financial access for everyone in developing countries. We aim to reach out to more than 100 million people in all continents by the end of 2030.

Financial access is a major factor of equality of opportunity. For some people in rich countries, financial service is like oxygen, and they may not realize how important it is. However, if you cannot borrow money to start your business, don’t have bank accounts to save money safely and can’t buy health insurance to ...


Best, brightest, and passionate.

The future of an organization depends on the quality of the team, especially when it comes to finance business having no fixed assets. Talented people always have job opportunities outside the developing countries, but we have never compromised in recruiting best people in the industry.

Above all, we enjoy working together!

Group Companies

Best quality and spirit to serve.

As a holding company of microfinance institutions in various countries, Gojo carefully finds and selects its partners. We work with the best local microfinance institutions in light of the spirit to serve the clients and the quality of the team members as well as the operation.

Maxima Microfinance

Sejaya Micro Credit
(Sri Lanka)

Microfinance Delta International



Join us to change the world.

Gojo aims to achieve what no one has achieved in the human history. What makes our mission possible is a group of great individuals who are committed to achieving the goal with passion, quality, and ability. We wait for your application.


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