Fireside Chat featuring Firdavs Mayunusov (Co-founder and General Director, MDO Humo) and Taejun Shin (Founder & CEO, Gojo & Company), moderated by Arnaud Ventura (Managing Partner, Gojo & Company) was held on the 14th April 2022. The one-hour event focused on the Ukraine crisis effect on Humo and their management of the crisis. The informative session was supported by the active engagement from the audience.

We were able to deep dive into the crisis situation including specific topics as below. 

  • Impact of the crisis on Tajikistan’s macroeconomics: GDP growth and inflation
  • Impact on Humo’s loan portfolio’s credit quality and hedging cost
  • How the impact on remittance flow would influence Humo’s business  
  • Impact on deposit
  • Product focus: Agriculture, Government employees
  • Plan on green finance
  • 3 top challenges under the crisis
  • Gojo’s position (as a shareholder and an investing company)  

To watch or rewatch the webinar, the recording is available here, while the slideshow used by the speakers can be downloaded here.

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