Guiding Principles

Management Principles

Guiding Principles

Our approach to managing our business and partnerships is guided by the principle of consistency with trinity of Truth, Ethics and Aesthetics.

1. Truth: Think and behave rightly
1–1 Define issues, goals & conditions → Develop thought framework → Collect facts → Think logically → Execute
1–2 We rely on the Guiding Principles, facts, and logic while managing our egos, biases, and emotions
1–3 We enable everyone to dissent without fear, make the decision-making process transparent, and be genuine

2. Ethics: Do nothing with which we cannot face our clients, family, and friends
2–1 We keep seeking the best ideas to serve the clients better while maximizing long-term profitability
2–2 While we assume different roles, we all work for the same goal with one spirit
2–3 While we work hard, we have fun and do not sacrifice our individual or family life

3. Aesthetics: Pursue the best quality, the best speed, and the best simplicity
3–1 We will never compromise on the best process and the best outputs
3–2 We don’t procrastinate. We always seek the most efficient solutions
3–3 We make our services and processes simple - do more with less ink, text and time

4. Consistency: Be consistent in what we believe, what we speak, and what we do
4–1 We will never compromise on the Guiding Principles for the sake of sentiment or short-term objectives
4–2 We continuously talk to the stakeholders about the Guiding Principles and make them the passionate supporters
4–3 We earn trust and reputation by our consistent behavior – media exposure or award is incidental


Women selling their fruits in Ima Market (mother’s market). The market is run exclusively by women in Imphal, Manipur. / Taejun Shin

Our Values

Our Values

Our Values


Stand by our Clients
We strive to see things from the perspective of our end clients so that our services support their goals.


Act on Principles
We are guided in all we do by our principles without exception.


Listen First
We always keep an open mind, and uphold everyone’s right to be heard and respected.


We challenge the conventional, consider the practical, and share our knowledge with others.


Be Genuine
We build trust and demonstrate our loyalty by telling the truth without concern for appearances.


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