We are excited to announce that Gojo’s first impact report is now available on our website here.

Gojo’s mission is to extend financial inclusion to everyone. To achieve this, we aim to enable provision of high-quality financial services to more than 100 million unserved and underserved people in over 50 countries by 2030.

This report reviews our activities and impact from inception in July 2014 to March 2020 in light of our vision, mission and 2030 goal. In this report, we share key indicators, client stories, our future plans for impact measurement, and a review of our Social Performance Management activities, including social performance audit (SPI4) scores benchmarked against industry averages.

Starting from this year, Gojo will report annually on our impact. In future years, we hope to have even more data to share and to present new rigorous measures of progress towards our 2030 goal. As our CEO Taejun says in the report, “Impact is not at all on the periphery of our business. It is right in the center of everything we do.”

We hope you enjoy our impact report, and we welcome any feedback on it.

About Gojo & Company

Gojo was founded to extend financial inclusion to everyone in the world, starting with developing countries. Gojo encourages the formalization and growth of micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises. Our long-term goal is to enable the provision of high-quality affordable financial services for 100+ million unserved and underserved people in 50+ countries by 2030. Six years since our establishment, we work in Cambodia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and India with 3,400+ employees, serving more than 570,000 clients.