In this blog post we introduce the June 2022 tracking survey results of Gojo's Sri Lanka Financial Diaries project. Read the full report in PDF here.

In 2021 October, Gojo started a Financial Diary project in Sri Lanka. We collect daily inflows and outflows of 100 households in Sri Lanka which gives us a lot of rich insights about the financial situation of the households, including their income sources, major spending, financial transactions such as loans and savings etc.

Given the recent political and economic instability of the country, we have decided to take monthly surveys with the diarists to understand how the crisis is impacting each of the households. Here's what we found:

  • 80% of the diarists feel high level of stress, while 77% feel mentally unsafe
  • 99% had to cut down on food spendings
  • 29% are purchasing less medicine due to financial reasons
  • 83% claim their income has decreased compared to last month
  • 27% borrowed money, mainly from neighbours to meet daily needs

How much stress did you feel financially in the last 2 weeks?

The reasons of stress include a rapid increase in commodity price, loss of job, and lack of money to meet basic needs.

Did you feel mentally or physically unsafe in the last 2 weeks?

Reasons include children crying because of hunger, inability to procure necessary medicines, and mental breakdowns due to struggle.

Did you face any of the below situations in the last 2 weeks (Food)?

Did you face any of the below situations in the last 2 weeks (Healthcare)?

Is there change in income you/your partner earned in the last 2 weeks compares to a month ago?

Reasons include the lack of resources to conduct jobs, daily wage work being unavailable, and inability to find jobs.

Did you borrow money from someone in the last 2 weeks?

Those who answered "Yes" mainly borrowed money from their neighbours to buy essentials, meanwhile those who answered "No" either already have other loans to pay or can't find anyone who is willing to lend.