On 28 January 2018, Taejun Shin, the CEO of Gojo & Company, Inc., delivered a 2 hours lecture for Executive MBA students at the national Hitotsubashi University. Hitotsubashi University offers one of the best MBA programs in Japan and has a large number of international student researchers under academic exchange agreements with several prestigious universities and research institutions including University of Chicago, Oxford and the University of California.

The lecture was presented as part of the lecture series provided by reputable business executives, such as Takeshi Niinami, President and CEO of Suntory, and Yoshihiko Miyauchi the Founder and Senior Chairman of ORIX Corp. to name some. Prof. Ken Kusunoki, a faculty member at Hitotsubashi University and a reputable Professor of Strategy, facilitated the session to further deepen the understanding of the lecture.

Taejun inspired the students who are the middle management people of the world’s largest companies, by providing his personal story, his vision and the business model of Gojo. Gojo expects that the event further augments Gojo’s reputation in the business community and helps develop new business alliances with global companies. 

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