It gives us great pleasure to announce that Taejun Shin, our CEO and Founder of Gojo, was invited to be a Young Global Leader (“YGL”) 2018. The World Economic Forum selects 100 people under the age of 40 from around the world to be YGLs, giving them the opportunity to learn and inspire each other for the next 5 years.

“One hundred of the world’s most promising artists, business leaders, public servants, technologists and social entrepreneurs have been asked to join the World Economic Forum’s community of Young Global Leaders. They are joining a community and five-year programme that will challenge them to think beyond their scope of expertise and be more impactful leaders. They were nominated because of their ground-breaking work, creative approaches to problems and ability to build bridges across cultures and between business, government and civil society. “ (from the YGL website)

For more details about YGL, please see the following link.

Gojo is determined to earn trust and reputation by consistent good work and behaviour per its Guiding Principles and believes that media exposure or membership is incidental. However, we are grateful for these opportunities and leverage them only for the benefits to our clients’ lives.