On 20th January 2022, we held a webinar to share how Humo, our newest partner company, has established Humo Lab to spearhead digitalization and innovation. At Humo Lab, several products have been developed and launched, including mobile banking apps, payment apps, kiosks, and more. The webinar focused on Humo’s introduction, sharing best practices on how microfinance institutions can do better to extend financial inclusion. 

The one-hour event featured Taejun Shin (Founder & CEO, Gojo & Company), Firdavs Mayunusov (Co-founder and General Director, MDO Humo), Firdavs Nuriddinzoda (Director of HumoLab, MDO Humo), moderated by Arnaud Ventura (Managing Partner, Gojo & Company). The webinar consisted of four parts: Introduction of Gojo & Company, Introduction of Humo, Introduction of Humo Lab, and Panel Discussion.

In the first part, Taejun shared what financial inclusion is, what Gojo strives to achieve and how Gojo operates in many parts of the world with its newest footprint being Tajikistan. It was followed by a talk from Firdavs M. covering the history and evolution of Humo, the story of how Humo Lab was established, and how the collaboration between tech and business teams allows disruptive thinking. Firdavs N. continued the presentation to introduce user-friendly services of Humo Lab and strategies behind their provision. The last 20 minutes was a panel discussion answering questions from audience, including topics such as synergies between Gojo and Humo. 

The webinar was a great success, attended by over 150 people from 22 countries. The webinar was followed by an Ask Me Anything session where the audiences enjoyed direct interaction with the panelists.  

To watch or rewatch the webinar, the recording is available here:


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